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 JunZeJun Law Offices ("JunZeJun") was founded in 1995 with its headquarters in Beijing. It is one of the earliest partnership law firms in China, as well as one of the largest, well-recognized law firms in China.


 JunZeJun has so far established 20 offices in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Nanjing, Chengdu, Changsha, Changchun, Zhuhai, Haikou, Kunming, Shijiazhuang, Zhengzhou, Nanchang, Jinan, Hangzhou, Fuzhou, Shenyang, Hefei and Hong Kong. JunZeJun has a team comprised of about 200 partners and 1000 professionals in total, who graduated from top law schools and have excellent professional skills and rich working experience.


 JunZeJun's lawyers are proud of their expertise and competitive edges in the fields of finance, capital markets, equity investment, dispute resolution, infrastructure and utilities, foreign trade and WTO, enterprise liquidation and bankruptcy, real estate and construction, intellectual property rights, compliance, human resources and labor law, public welfare and charity, criminal.

Practice Areas

  • Securities and Capital Markets
  • Financial Market
  • Investment and M&A
  • Real Estate and Construction Engineering
  • PPP/Infrastructure and Public Utilities
  • Intellectual Property
  • Sports/Entertainment
  • Foreign Investment, Foreign Trade and WTO
  • Enterprise Liquidation and Bankruptcy
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Compliance
  • Human Resources and Labor Law
  • Public Welfare and Charity
  • Criminal
  • Securities and Capital Markets Legal services provided by JunZeJun in this area mainly include: JunZeJun is a leading firm in the field of capital markets. JunZeJun’s securities and capital markets team has represented clients in milestone cases in such fields as the issuance of securities and securities derivatives, the refinance of listed companies, the acquisition of listed companies and... more information
  • Financial Market Legal services provided by JunZeJun in this area mainly include: JunZeJun has been dedicated to the financial market for decades. As one of the leading firms in this area, we are specialized in providing professional and comprehensive legal services surrounding financial institutions and financial instruments. The financial institutions to which JunZeJun has been... more information
  • Investment and M&A Legal services provided by JunZeJun in this area mainly include: Over the years, JunZeJun has accumulated a wealth of experience in the field of foreign investment. JunZeJun has actively participated in investment activities of foreign investors in China and provided legal assistance for a number of foreign invested enterprises for their establishment, business... more information
  • Real Estate and Construction Engineering Legal services provided by JunZeJun in this area mainly include: The Department of Real Estate and Construction Engineering of JunZeJun Law Offices is a professional legal service department of which the core service is in real estate and construction field. The partners and lawyers of the Department all possess a wealth of experience in fields like real estate... more information
  • PPP/Infrastructure and Public Utilities Legal services provided by JunZeJun in this area mainly include: Infrastructure and public utilities is one of the major practice areas of JunZeJun. We are the frontrunner in this area because we have an elite team with in-depth knowledge and rich experience in the area of infrastructure and public utilities. As an industry leader, we have actively participated... more information
  • Intellectual Property Legal services provided by JunZeJun in this area mainly include: The Intellectual Property Department of JunZeJun Law Offices comprises a number of specialist, sophisticated legal practitioners with relevant government occupation experience and a wealth of experience in the handling of cases. JunZeJun provides quality and appropriate legal services of... more information
  • Sports/Entertainment Legal services provided by JunZeJun in this area mainly include: JunZeJun Sports & Entertainment Team has been closely following the development of laws and policies of the industries, and it represents a number of Chinese and foreign sports & entertainment companies, athletes and stars in negotiation and dispute resolution with our high quality legal services.... more information
  • Foreign Investment, Foreign Trade and WTO Legal services provided by JunZeJun in this area mainly include: Over the years, JunZeJun has accumulated a wealth of experience in representing Chinese companies, industries and government in responding to antidumping, countervailing and safeguard investigations by foreign governments, and has established close cooperation with many foreign law firms. The... more information
  • Enterprise Liquidation and Bankruptcy Legal services provided by JunZeJun in this area mainly include: JunZeJun's enterprise liquidation and bankruptcy practice is renowned in the industry. Our team consists of partners and lawyers with extensive practical experience and theoretical knowledge, many of whom are former judges and have years of experience in trial and management of bankruptcy cases... more information
  • Dispute Resolution Legal services provided by JunZeJun in this area mainly include: JunZeJun has a litigation and arbitration team with a good reputation at home and abroad. JunZeJun’s litigation and arbitration team has a wealth of experience in working on behalf of international and domestic clients to resolve such matters as finance, investment, international trade, commerce,... more information
  • Compliance Legal services provided by JunZeJun in this area mainly include: JunZeJun has a dedicated compliance team of proficient lawyers with strong compliance experience in prestigious law firms, multinational corporations (for example, IBM, Dell, and Pepsi) and even government agencies. We are able to represent clients in wide range of compliance matters, such as... more information
  • Human Resources and Labor Law Legal services provided by JunZeJun in this area mainly include: JunZeJun's human resources and labor law team has in-depth knowledge and extensive practical experience in labor and social security, human resources management consulting, company compliance, dispute resolution, etc. With the concept of "providing customers with the best service", we insist>We are ... more information
  • Public Welfare and Charity Legal services provided by JunZeJun in this area mainly include: JunZeJun has established a team of professional lawyers to serve the public welfare and charity sector. JunZeJun has many years of experience in the following fields for serving NGOs: registration for the formation, change, and cancellation of NGOs’ registration of social organizations like... more information
  • Criminal Legal services provided by JunZeJun in this area mainly include: Criminal legal services provided by JunZeJun are of indispensable support and guarantee for the traditional competitive practice of this law firm --- financial legal services, covering criminal defense, criminal prosecution, criminal crime prevention and criminal compliance. With a team of multiple ... more information


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